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“I have been working with dear Brailla receiving coaching with planning to build my website and brand creation.

My experience in each session with dear Brailla has been that she is a gifted facilitator and has tremendous expertise in the area of both website design / technology and in her intuitive awareness and adept skill at understanding and manifesting my vision into reality.

My experience working with dear Brailla is also that she is gifted in her communication skills, in the support she offers with the technological aspects and in her ability to be present with and honour my pace and level of understanding of technology.

I have felt greatly inspired throughout this process and am aware of my own amplified clarity at how to transpose my dreams into physical form in technological terms which will express my gifts to the people who will most resonate with them.

I recommend working with dear Brailla to everyone and especially if you need support, guidance and clarity on how to manifest your dreams into a technological reality.”

Shanti Lawrie

Shanti's Holistic Healing

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