Rae Rose

Bespoke Logo & Branding design for Somatic Embodiment Coach, communicating her important brand values of sex-positivity, self-improvement & all of you is welcome.

Rae Rose Business Card Design By Brailla May

Rae Rose Transformation

“This journey has been so helpful and quite transformative. I would 100% recommend you. And, if someone was like, “oh, but it's quite expensive”. I would say to them - it's 100% worth it though! I've got exactly what I want, but I didn't know what I wanted. You've managed to hear me enough to create something that resonates, which I wasn't sure was possible. I can see how doing a website with you would also go to the depths that I appreciate. Which I won't get with anyone else. There's a certain professionality you're paying for when you when you go into those brackets, so you get a better service.”

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