Authentic Branding & Website Design

For entrepreneurs, conscious creatives
& socially responsible businesses.

Authentic Branding & Website Design

For entrepreneurs, conscious creatives
& socially responsible businesses.

Authentic Branding & Website Design

For entrepreneurs, conscious creatives
& socially responsible businesses.

Authentic Branding & Website Design

For entrepreneurs, conscious creatives
& socially responsible businesses.


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Get a bespoke logo & strategic website designed for you that will act as a magnet for your clients.

I can help you realise your vision. I will guide you through my fun, creative process to visualise the essence of your business and tell your story in the best possible way for maximum expansion.

I am here to support you design your dreams

Signature Services

Launch or refresh your business confidently with a complete digital branding package. To get the most out of the experience, I suggest building your new brand and website at the same time. Fresh, authentic branding and a strategic, authentic website design can transform your business.

Rae Rose Transformation

“This journey has been so helpful and quite transformative. I would 100% recommend you. And, if someone was like, “oh, but it's quite expensive”. I would say to them - it's 100% worth it though! I've got exactly what I want, but I didn't know what I wanted. You've managed to hear me enough to create something that resonates, which I wasn't sure was possible. I can see how doing a website with you would also go to the depths that I appreciate. Which I won't get with anyone else. There's a certain professionality you're paying for when you when you go into those brackets, so you get a better service.”

“The VIP day was fantastic and my website has been transformed! Brailla cast an expert eye on my existing web design and helped me see all the improvements that we could make. In a short space of time, the home page looked stunning and by the end of the day I had a refreshed modern looking website that reflects my business and was easy to navigate. I recommend Brailla for her enthusiasm and expertise!”

Steve Coomber,
Regression Therapy Brighton

“Working with Brailla was beyond my expectations “She took all my ideas and concepts and weaved them into not only a beautiful site, but a place that flows and works. I feel it reflects me and the work I do so perfectly. She dealt with problems with such grace, offering solutions and taking initiative when I felt stuck or indecisive. It was like a guiding support which felt so important at the birth of a new website. I am excited to keep expanding and working more with Brailla. I see the website as a living entity that we created together. Thank you.”

Annabelle Nicoll,
The Garden of Alchemy

“Announcing my gratitude to the amazing being who is Brailla May!!! This woman’s hard work, attention to detail and patience with me were outstanding, and she’s just an absolute superstar of a website designer. Cannot recommend her highly enough! After years of struggling with website guys she was reasonable priced, efficient, and totally got what I needed for my site. She’s also quick but thorough!!!! She doesn’t miss a beat this woman, she’s a perfectionist and wouldn’t let my website go live without being spot-on! She was patient and reliable whilst also being creative and instinctive with some aspects needed where I drew blanks. I didn’t need to have all the answers!!! She turned what could have been a nightmare project for me into an absolute joy! Thank you Brailla.

Jem Ayres,
Orgasmic Embodiment Coach

“Brailla is a multi talented wizard and creative powerhouse. I particularly valued her attention to detail and integration of the website vision with my organisations strategy and branding. It’s obvious Brailla enjoys what she does and in doing work to a high specification. Highly recommended!”

Samuel Halter,
Open Mandala

Brailla goes the extra mile. She did things outside the brief to get the best result for me.

I was deeply grateful and highly recommend her work.

Ian Lynch,
Rites of Man : Rites of Woman

The fact that I actually booked a call with you is credit to your brilliant website. I’d never believe I’d be speaking with you but your website was so professional and gave me a clear feel of who you are and I spent ages going through it, enjoying it and I knew I wanted to work with you.

Jem's Client Feedback,
Jem Ayres Website

“Brailla comes on board, gets clear about what the job is and does it. She is grounded and direct, whilst being supportive and compassionate. She was guided by what I wanted and combined this with her design know-how to create the look and feel which matched the vision and feel of my online course.”

Heather Hawthorn,
Goddess Mama : E Course Design

“I love your style, genius!

You’re a genius! I appreciate you jumping fast on this, beautiful work. You’re work is A+, I’d like to introduce you to my colleague who needs a logo design. Amazing, great job, we love it. Thank you Brailla – you’re a rockstar!”

Joel Sprechman,
One Geat Gut  : Infographic Design

“That is beautiful Owen! Love how it incorporates the ying/yang sign & a mandala, it really encompasses your brands values and the colours are lovely and calming.
I feel healed just looking at it!

Clients's Business Coach,
Healing Gardens & Landscapes

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I work with entrepreneurs, creatives and businesses that aim to make a positive difference.
You can trust you’re in safe hands because I’ve also worked with the world’s most recognised brands.

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Welcome to my studio


I’m a Freelance Graphic & Web Designer with 10 years of experience in bringing brands to life online. I specialise in building websites and creating brand identities for lifestyle brands with a conscience who want to take their projects to the next level through creative direction, brand strategy and bespoke design. 

My client’s values are important to me, I work with you to create an authentic brand that will truly represent you. I work with brands whose values resonate with mine. This helps me to feel connected to your brand, your vision, your client and your purpose.

Align yourself with a designer who truly gets you.